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Hello, my name is Tess, I grew up in the beautiful Dyfi Valley, Mid Wales and this is where I live with my partner and two daughters. I run a small private practice based near Machynlleth. 

I came to counselling work through an interest in looking at the nature of the mind and perception, as well as a desire to work in close connection with others.

I have a keen interest in growing food and in the natural world, which I believe we, as humans, are not separate from. I also see the mind and body as equals in their intelligence and impact on our mentality.

I have lived and studied abroad and I enjoy the diversity and excitement of different ways of being in the world, as well as having a deep respect for the traditions and language of this land. I have practiced mindfulness and meditation for many years. All of these factors undoubtedly inform my approach to therapy, where there is the option of investigating the relationship between the self, the world and our perceptions.

About me

My approach


I specialize in working with grief and loss, but I work with many clients experiencing other difficulties in their lives such as anxiety, trauma and depression. 

I have a particular interest in supporting clients through their grief work, as well as in exploring identity creation, struggles in relationships and our responses to stress.


As well as talking, we may also use creative methods such as drawing and projective work, somatic (body) awareness and mindfulness if you choose.
Therapy for me means a place to explore our lives in a different way, to begin to recognize and understand our habitual responses and behavioural patterns, to develop self-compassion and to learn to be with all aspects of ourselves.

My approach is integrative, a compassionate and holistic approach, based on the understanding that you are unique and your therapy sessions need to reflect that.

I aim to support you in bringing all parts of yourself, allowing for the expression of deep thoughts and emotions that you might not usually share. 

My main training is in the Other Centred approach to psychotherapy, which puts emphasis on mindful engagement with others and the world. I also draw inspiration from the existential therapy, which supports people in finding purpose and meaning in their lives, despite the challenges inherent to human existence.

I aim to create a compassionate and non judgmental space for you to explore your world at your own pace.




I am an accredited member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists). I work according to their ethical code.


Diploma in Other-centred Counselling, Tariki Trust

Foundation Certificate in Other-centred Counselling, Tariki Trust

BSc (hons) Degree in Environmental Biology

Certificate in European Studies

Currently working towards:

MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches

Certificate in Couples Therapy 

Additional Training

Continued professional development is an essential part of any therapists' practice. I continue to learn and gain insight through training courses, workshops and personal study. Here are some of the CPD courses I have completed, which gives you an idea of my areas of interest.

Couples in conflict, Juliet Grayson

The fundamentals of working with couples, Juliet Grayson

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), The Mindfulness Project

Releasing negative beliefs and thought patterns, The Radical Compassion Institute

Mindfulness Daily, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Level 1 

Bereavement Counselling Foundation Course, Cruse

Sudden and traumatic death, Cruse

Working with trauma, Cruse

Working with shame, Carolyn Spring

Counselling online, BACP

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